Overdub IPA

image of Fort George Overdub IPAImage of Fort George Overdub IPAImage of Overdub IPA among guitar pedals

A good beer is like a good sound recording: balanced and pristine. Soft and subdued when it needs to be—in your face and crankin’ when it must. A 16-oz collaboration with Tape Op, Larry Crane’s much beloved music recording magazine, Overdub IPA is like recording to 2” analog tape on your favorite guitar: an experience not to be missed. Pouring a solid gold with a crisp white head, this session-style IPA sings with mango and papaya hop harmonies, dank grapefruit tones, and mellow citrus finishing notes.

Brewer's Notes

*Available Intermittently


This beer's color is: Straw.


On a scale of 1 (not bitter) to 19 (bitter) this beer is rated: 12.


This beer is available year round.