Sweet Virginia Series: Shady Grove

Shady Grove is the first collaboration in the Sweet Virginia Series. Finnriver Cidery provided the sour black cherry cider and Fort George brewed the sour saison. Both were aged in French oak barrels until the final blending took place. The result is a tart and effervescent cider + beer, reminiscent of a Flanders style. This single-batch release will be available in limited amounts around the Pacific Northwest, but you can get your bottles or try it on tap starting at noon on Saturday, July 22nd in the Lovell Taproom. Limit one case per customer.

Look for more small-batch bottle releases from the Fort George brewers about once a month. The Sweet Virginia Series is dedicated to brewer-developed barrel-aged beers and unique one-offs. Ask any server at the pub about current bottle availability or tweet @FortGeorgeBeer.

Even more info about the collaboration:

About the beer: Deep red hue, aroma of funk, tart & fruity with a saison spiciness. Not malty sweet, but some malt body for the yeast and acidity (from lactobacillus & brettanomyces) to balance out. Aged in French oak wine barrels.

About the cider: Sweet organic dark black cherries (Tonnemaker Hill Farms), Finnriver cider (gala, pinklady, granny smith), lactobacillus & pediococcus, brettanomyces & dv10 (dry wine yeast), some love, some hope, and some aging at Fort George in French oak wine barrels.

About the collaboration: Finnriver and Fort George have always had close ties. Tim Ensign (Fort George outside sales manager) and Jana Daisy-Ensign (Finnriver sales representative) not only have a mutual love of fermentation, they have also been happily married for many years. When a collaboration was first proposed, a union of sour cider and sour saison aged in Pinot wine barrels made perfect sense.

Shady Grove is a Sweet Virginia Series bottle release for July 2017. This single batch will see limited Pacific Northwest distribution.

WHERE: Lovell Taproom, 14th & Duane Astoria, Oregon 97103 Map