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Fort George Brewery is always accepting applications, even if there are not specific positions available. You can complete the application form below to apply. Please specify if there are any departments or positions that you have interest or experience in, as it will help us to match potential candidates to future available positions. If you have any questions, email, or call the pub at 503-325-7468.


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I hereby authorize Fort George Brewery + Public House to investigate the truthfulness of all statements made on this application (and any additional materials that I’ve submitted), and to contact my former employers, or any other persons who can verify information. I authorize Fort George Brewery + Public House to discuss the results of any investigation with all of their employees who are involved in the hiring process. I further authorize all contacted persons and former employers to provide information concerning this application, my background, and suitability for employment and I release such persons and former employers from liability for providing such information.
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