All businesses have an impact on the world—some positive, some not so much. When we watch the sun set over the Columbia River, we hope that the beer drinkers of tomorrow will be able to savor the same beautiful landscape and lifestyle we’re lucky enough to enjoy today. So we try to treat the community, our employees, and the environment with care and respect.


What would Fort George Brewery be without the fine people of Astoria, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest? Nothing. We get to make our living doing what we love because of you. We’re giving back in the best way we know: beer & benefits.


  • Community benefit nights
  • Beer donations
  • Free community education lecture series
  • Collaborations



Speaking of benefits, we believe that all full-time employees deserve them. We’re committed to providing our crew and our families with living wages, health insurance, and other benefits. Interested in joining us? Learn about career opportunities here.



All of us at Fort George are working hard to improve our environmental impact and measure it with a new, annual Karma Report. Our programs:


  • Source local and organic ingredients
  • Increase recycling
  • Recover food scraps for animal feed
  • Reduce use of disposable items
  • Promote bicycling to The Fort
  • Educate employees & the community about sustainability

Benefit Night Application

If you’d like your organization to be considered for a benefit night, complete this benefit application and submit it for review.

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Donation Request Form

If you’d like to request a donation from Fort George, complete this form and submit it for review.

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