Dwayne’s World

Dwayne, the owner of Bridge & Tunnel, is the man to go to for unique, rare and delicious bottles, cans and pints. We can’t imagine Duane Street without him. It’s Bridge and Tunnel’s anniversary on February 10th and to celebrate 5 years of more beer on Duane, we made a beer with our favorite Duane Street neighbor, Dwayne. The hops and hop oils in Dwayne’s World were carefully selected to replicate the fruity, dank qualities of premium kush.

Party on, Dwayne.

Appearance: Pale gold verging on copper with dense white foam.

Aroma: Like a pineapple, passionfruit, and peach hanging out on the beach smoking jjjssssss.

Flavor: Tropical fruit, stone fruit, dank, oily, sticky icky. Bright and crisp, punchy and oily with a refreshing bitterness.

Brewer's Notes

Brewed in collaboration with Bridge & Tunnel Bottle Shop & Taproom in Astoria, OR.