Farmers’ Annuary 2022

Everything that goes into our beer comes from the earth, which is why we time the release of Farmers’ Annuary to coincide with the harvest season for hop farmers and grain producers in the Northwest. This year, we worked with earth-to-beer producers of fine craft brewing malts, Skagit Valley Malting to create a completely new malt. They put their already delicious wheat through the Pilsner Malting process in order to create a light color and breadiness perfectly suited to the hand-selected Strata and Chinook from Indie Hops. In Farmers’ Annuary, we’ve combined the best that the Northwest has to offer in an original, custom-made IPA so light, smooth and zesty that it could only have come from the earth.

What we harvest from the land, we will give back in delicious beer.

Appearance: Clear, bright yellow. Dense, white foam

Aroma: Pine, orange zest, sweet melon and stone fruit. Light berry and floral notes

Flavor: A little sweet, a little bitter. Fresh pine sap, sweet watermelon candy and bursts of citrus. Light body and a clean finish

Brewer's Notes

A Harvest IPA collaboration with Indie Hops and Skagit Valley Malting

Hops: Strata, Chinook
Malts: Superior Pils, Skagit Valley Pilsner Malted Wheat, Weyermann Acidulated
Yeast: London ESB