From Astoria With Love


Before Matryoshka, there was a darkness. This stout is the genesis of all the roasty, nutty, and chocolaty goodness nestled into that barrel-aged series. It’s the mother of Matryoshka, the stout to start all Matryoshka stouts. Wrap yourself in this rich Russian Imperial embrace, from Fort George to you, From Astoria With Love. This pitch-black Russian Imperial is a perfect storm of rich roast, nutty aroma, and chocolate flavors.


Brewer's Notes

The base stout for the Matryoshka series, this stout boasts notes of blackstrap molasses and brown sugar.

Hops: Nugget, Cascade

Malts: 2-Row Barley, C-40, Black Barley, Honey Malt, Roast, Brown, Munich 10L, Choco Malt, Dark Choco Malt

Yeast: ESB


This beer is available year round.

The Matryoshka Series: Dark Beginnings

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