Summer is great but you know what else is great? Spring. Fort George endeavors to bring a new, refreshing lager to every season and no lager style is better suited to spring on the North Coast than a nice, soothing amber lager. With its rich toasty malts, its low, soothing sweetness and a balanced, clean finish, you might as well be drinking the lager equivalent of a wool sweater, a thermos of strong tea, and the sound of the ships in the shipping channel blasting their fog warnings in the morning mist.

Iredale Amber is a toasty amber lager with a rich biscuit aroma and a very slight bitterness

Brewer's Notes

Can art by Peter Nevins.

Hops: Mittelfruh, Saaz
Malts: Weyermann Vienna, Pilsner, Munich Type 1, Weyermann Acidulated, Crisp Pale Chocolate
Yeast: Augustiner