Java the Hop

Cookies and cream, Cheese and Crackers, Peanut Butter and Jelly… but perhaps the most powerful of all famous pairings is the Hop and the Bean. Which is why we’re releasing Java the Hop for May The Fourth (that’s Star Wars Day in the pop culture nerd world).

Together with our friends at Coava Coffee in Portland, we hand-selected two single-origin, masterfully roasted coffees to pair with two, masterfully grown hop varieties. The combinations are legendary, the flavors are hoppy, other-worldly, fruity, bitter, roasty, galactic, floral, and crisp.

Each 4-pack of this super-limited beer contains two cans of each variety.


V1: Stone fruit, passionfruit, hibiscus notes and toffee with a final hint of grain.

V 2: Sweet citrus, floral honeysuckle, resinous with honey notes. Slightly hazy with a rich, soft mouthfeel.

Brewer's Notes

Java the Hop is an annual Coffee IPA collaboration with Coava Coffee Roasters out of Portland, Oregon.
V1: Comet Hops + Coava Rayos del Sol Coffee (Peru)
V2: Motueka Hops + Coava Benjamin Miranda Coffee (Honduras)

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