Magnanimous IPA

Image of Fort George Magnanimous IPA


This one-off gem was a joint effort with Earth & Sky Farm of Oregon City. Bestowed with generous amounts of hand-harvested Grand Fir tips and bountiful additions of Simcoe and Chinook hops, Magnanimous IPA offers a noble blend of lush, piney hops and evergreen aroma.

Brewer's Notes

Hundreds of pounds of new growth are plucked from the Grand Fir Christmas trees out at Earth & Sky Farm, all by hand. Tim & Jana Ensign graciously host the picking party each year, where Fort George employees and friends all gather to help give this Magnanimous seasonal gift to you.


This beer's color is: Pale Gold.


On a scale of 1 (not bitter) to 19 (bitter) this beer is rated: 7.


This beer is available between October and December.