Matryoshka with Coconut, Vanilla, & Almonds 2019

Matryoshka 2019 aged for a year in Kentucky bourbon-barrels, stacking layers upon layers of elegant complexity. This Russian Imperial Stout emerges with a graceful and delicate intensity, yet remains strong enough for the Siberian winters. Matryoshka is the Russian name for wooden nesting dolls. And like those dolls, this barrel aged series releases in increasingly smaller and more elaborate variations. Look for limited amounts of 2019 Bourbon Barrel Matryoshka around the Pacific Northwest, followed by a handful of 2019 Matryoshka with Coconut, Vanilla, Almonds, & Blueberries at the Fort George Brewery in Astoria.

Sweet Virginia Series


This beer's color is: Deep Brown .


On a scale of 1 (not bitter) to 19 (bitter) this beer is rated: 4.


This beer is available between February and February.