Modest Single Hop Ft. Junga

Modest is a humble pale ale series brewed to showcase single hop varieties. Junga (10.7% Alpha Acid) is a Polish hop that was released in 2004 as a high alpha variety. Junga was bred from Northern Brewer and Marynka hops. 

Brewer's Notes

Brewed by Luke Barret, you can expect more varieties from this single hop series. The current variation of Modest Pale Ale is a clear, yellow straw color with a white head. Herb and spice with hints of citrus fruit aromas round out the earthy and herb-like hop flavors, and cracker-like malt backbone.

Hops: Junga

Malts: 2-Row Barley, Special Aromatic, Torrified Wheat

Yeast: ESB