Pass the Balaton

Good beer is all about smooth transitions. When this Mixed Culture Sour brewed with Wild Cherry Blossom Yeast was nearing completion, we knew we needed to execute the perfect transition. That’s why months ago, one summer morning right before sunrise in the R&D Brewery, our head brewer could be found playing soothing folk ballads on a hammered dulcimer while all the brewers lined up across the cellar with handfuls of the finest, fresh Balaton Cherries. One by one, the brewers eased the cherries into the Mixed Culture barrels. This of course resulted in the smoothest, most melodic transition. And lo! a bright, tart, subtly funky cherry red saison was born.

Brewer's Notes

Pass the Balaton was conditioned on loads of Balaton Cherries.

Hops: Motueka
Malt: Rahr Pils, GM Flaked Wheat, White Wheat, Weyermann Acidulated
Yeast: Wild Cherry Blossom, Various

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