The Optimist

Image of Fort George's The Optimist IPA


Sometimes it’s hard to look on the bright side; let The Optimist keep your spirits aloft. Simplicity being the ultimate in sophistication, the brewers use a very concise recipe in this India Pale Ale to showcase the providential union of barley and hops. With its radiant golden body, a lively buoyant head, and auspicious floral aroma, your glass will always be half-full while drinking The Optimist.

Brewer's Notes

If you store the cans arrow down, especially when they are open, you may be bummed out. For best results, the brewers always recommend proper cold-storage and to keep those arrows pointing up or towards your mouth.


This beer's color is: Pale Gold.


On a scale of 1 (not bitter) to 19 (bitter) this beer is rated: 13.


This beer is available year round.