February is Stout Month

All Stouts. All month long.

In the darkest month, on the darkest coast – it is Stout Month. In February, Fort George Brewery celebrates the wonder and complexity of the noble stout with 29 days dedicated exclusively to the darkest beer.

Taste twenty unique, one-time stout releases throughout the month. Delight in stout diversions, stout-focused food specials, guest taps, and for the first time ever, a pop-up, free-play arcade. 

The Lovell Arcade

If you’ve been to Fort George, you already know we have everything a brewery could ever want. Big tanks, lab equipment, a cool forklift, lots of barrels, a Beer Pier, a giant cooler full of hops, an annual world-class stout festival, a cozy fireplace in the taproom, a nice sound system, and a room full of lockers and beer to-go. We even have an entire floor dedicated to wood-fired pizza. The ultimate luxury. And now we have games! 

All month long, you’ll find us sipping dark beer and playing vintage arcade games in the Lovell Arcade. 

THE LOVELL ARCADE is open for Stout Month only, beginning on February 1st, 2024.

Free play on all arcade games, food & beverages available through the Taproom window.

Wednesday & Thursday: 4pm – 9pm

Friday: 4pm – 10pm

Saturday & Sunday: 12pm – 10pm

The Aftermath

Stout releases culminate in mid-February at a massive barrel aged Matryoshka bottle release at The Aftermath on 2/18. More variants, more beers, and more additions than ever before. 

THE AFTERMATH is the largest bottle release of the year. In December we released Matryoshka 2024 – The Mother, a legendary 14% barrel aged imperial stout. Since that release we’ve been adding more and more adjuncts to the original mother stout, siphoning off increasingly smaller batches to condition on increasingly delicious additions. All of the Matryoshka 2024 bottles will be released the day after the Festival of Dark Arts when we reopen the block to the public.

On Sunday, February 18th at The Aftermath taste 4 new variants of Matryoshka 2024, Fantastic Barrels and Where to Find them, a special blend of new and old barrel collaboration projects in 500ml bottles and on draft, Full Pastry Send, an imperial stout collaboration with our friends at Moksa, the return of Crysknife, a silky smooth hazy IPA to balance the darkness, in 16oz 4packs, and a special hand-selected blend of the best of the best barrels from the last two years:
2024 Matryoshka Barrel Select.

February 18th beginning at 11AM.

A Carnival of Stout

Every weekend in February is a Carnival of Stout at Fort George, beginning on Thursday, February 1st with 5 new stouts on draft across the block, cellared barrel aged stout vintages, and a limited edition Coconut Cavatica in 16oz 4packs.

Taste your way up from a smooth Black Walnut Stout to an 11% Cinnamon Churro and Vanilla Ice Cream inspired stout. You can round out a blind taster tray at the Pub with a Westward Whiskey Cavatica Barrel Aged Cavatica Stout. It’s a Cavatica inception – a special batch of Cavatica Stout aged for 2 years in the barrels that aged Westward’s Cavatica Stout Whiskey in 2021 (made from a batch of Cavatica Stout we brewed for them a few years prior). When we send these barrels back again, we’ll have a Westward Whiskey Cavatica Barrel Aged Cavatica Stout Barrel Aged Whiskey. Then come back later in the month with fresh taste buds for Full Pastry Send, a collaboration with our friends at Moksa, it’s an imperial stout so full of dessert ingredients that we put it on the dessert menu.

All February Long

You’ll find every addition and adjunct you can imagine from Coconut to Cardamon, Lavender to Buckwheat, Cherries, Almonds, Chocolate Cookies and Thai Banana to Cinnamon Churro and Maple Donuts. Collaborations with Moksa, Old Standby, Structures, Ex Novo, Westward Whiskey, Mount Olympus and Astoria Brewing. 

Come to Fort George during Stout Month and bathe your sun-starved skin in the radiance of our rotating carnival of stout.


The Lovell Arcade is open during Taproom hours in February. Food and stouts available through the Taproom Window. 

Free Community Talks in the Showroom every Thursday night at 7PM. 

New Stout Releases every Saturday in February. 

Live Music every Sunday Night from 6-8PM.

**Saturday, February 17th is the 12th annual Festival of Dark Arts at Fort George. The entire Fort George block will be closed to the public. The festival is Sold Out. You can subscribe to the Fort George Newsletter and be the first to know about future events and festivals here. 


February 1st

Coconut Cavatica – 8.8%
*In 16oz 4packs and on draft.*
Cavatica Stout conditioned on Coconut. 

Velvet Fog – 7%
London Fog inspired stout. Vanilla, Lavender, Earl Grey Tea. 

Nilla the Thrilla – 7%
Vanilla Latte nitro stout. 

Vanilla Churro – 11%
Cinnamon Churro & Ice Cream.

Westward Whiskey Cavatica Barrel Aged Cavatica Stout – 13%
Conditioned in Westward Cavatica Whiskey barrels for 24 months. 

February 10th

Kiss the Bing – 9%
Imperial stout with Cherries, Chocolate & Vanilla.

Donut Kill My Vibe – 7%
Maple Donut inspired stout. Maple Syrup, Vanilla Bean & Maple Donuts in the mash.

Polish’s Black Walnut Stout – 6.5%
Stout with Walnuts. Designed and brewed by head brewer Michal ‘Polish’ Frankowicz.

Dwayne’s World, West Coast IPA – 6.66% – !!CAUTION!! THIS IS NOT A STOUT
*In 16oz 4packs and on draft*
A west coast IPA collaboration with Bridge & Tunnel.

Beta 35.2, Test Batch for 3-Way IPA – 7.2% – !!CAUTION!! THIS IS NOT A STOUT

February 17th

Fantastic Barrels & Where to Find Them – 13.6%
*In 500ml bottles and on Draft*
A 23 month double barrel aged imperial stout from Willet Bourbon Barrels, Blanton’s Bourbon Barrels to Heaven Hill and 10 month Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie – 6%
Stout with Banana & Chocolate.

Swedish Grandma – 6%
Cardamom & Cinnamon Bun stout. 

Bottom of the Bag – 9%
Coconut & Chocolate Cookie inspired stout.

Buckwheat Pancake Stout – 11%
Oregon Hazelnuts, Buckwheat, Maple Syrup. A collaboration with Old Standby to benefit OSU Small Farms Program.

Matryoshka  w/ Vanilla Bean – 14%
*In 500ml bottles and on draft.*
Barrel aged imperial stout from 12 month Westward Whiskey and DryFly Whiskey barrels with Brazilian, Congolese & Guatemalan Vanilla Beans. 

Matryoshka w/ Vanilla Bean, Cacao Nibs & Dates – 14%
*In 500ml bottles and on draft.*
Barrel aged imperial stout from 12 month Westward Whiskey and DryFly Whiskey barrels with Brazilian, Congolese & Guatemalan Vanilla Beans, Cacao Nibs & Dates.

Matryoshka w/ Vanilla Bean, Cacao Nibs, Dates & Almonds – 14%
*In 500ml bottles and on draft.*
Barrel aged imperial stout from 12 month Westward Whiskey and DryFly Whiskey barrels with Brazilian, Congolese & Guatemalan Vanilla Beans, Cacao Nibs, Dates & Almonds. 

Matryoshka w/ Vanilla Bean, Cacao Nibs, Dates & Strawberries – 14%
*In 500ml bottles and on draft.*
Barrel aged imperial stout from 12 month Westward Whiskey and Freehand Pinot Noir/Whiskey barrels with Brazilian, Congolese & Guatemalan Vanilla Beans, Cacao Nibs, Dates, Almonds & Strawberries. 

Matryoshka Barrel Select – 13.5%
*In 500ml bottles and on draft.*
A careful selection of the best barrels in the cellar, imperial stout from 12 month Westward Whiskey barrels, and 24 month Westland Whiskey barrels, hand chosen and expertly blended. 

Full Pastry Send – 14.6%
*In 500ml bottles and on draft.*
Imperial stout with Coconut, Vanilla, Thai Banana & Peanuts. A collaboration with Moksa.

Crysknife, Hazy IPA – 7.2% !!CAUTION!! THIS IS NOT A STOUT
*In 16oz 4packs and on draft.*
The return of a hazy IPA collaboration with Our Mutual Friend Brewing, just in time for Dune II. 

February 23rd

Fisherpoets Stout – 5.5%
Dry Irish fisherman’s stout. A collaboration with Astoria Brewing, Mount Olympus, Salmon Safe, and Yakima Chief Hops to celebrate the 27th Annual Fisherpoets Gathering.

February 24th

Sunrise OPA – 5.2%
*In 12oz 6-packs and on draft.*
Sunrise Oatmeal Pale Ale makes a comeback for a limited time.


Thursday, 2/1

  • Stout Month Kickoff at Loyal Legion SE (Portland, OR)

Tuesday, 2/6 

  • Stout Month Goodness at Roscoes (Portland, OR) 

Thursday, 2/8 

  • Stout Month Kickoff at Bier Stein (Eugene, OR)

Friday, 2/9

  • Stout Tasting at Johns Marketplace (Beaverton, OR) 
  • Stouts n’ Cupcakes at Chill n’ Fill (Portland, OR) 

Tuesday, 2/13

  • Mardi Gras: Stout Month Edition at Latona Pub (Seattle, WA)

Friday, 2/23

  • West Side Stout Month at Proper Pint Oak Room (Portland, OR) 

Saturday, 2/24 

  • Final Days of Darkness: Sabbath, Stouts & Slayer at Arch Bridge Taphouse (Oregon City, OR) 
  • 3rd Annual Stout Day at Array Bottle Shop (Portland, OR) 
  • Final Days of February at Growler Guys Bend West (Bend, OR) 

Tuesday, 2/27

  • PublicHouse Presents: Fort George Stout Month (Springfield, OR)

Thursday, 2/29 

  • Final Days of Darkness at Midtown Yacht Club (Bend, OR)

& more to come! 


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