Pet of the Week!

It’s pretty easy to give a dog its perfect life. In their dreams, dogs dream only of the perfect life and a dog’s perfect life is a life with you. Though a dog’s needs can be varied and complex (they might chew up an entire cabinet door, eat a bunch of your socks, pee on your floor, bark at the neighbors), a dog’s dreams are fulfilled pretty much just by existing with them (they will lie near you, lean on you, walk with you, warm your feet and point you in the right direction). The perfect life. When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you give someone their perfect life.

And Henry.
There are a lot of pets in the Clatsop County Animal Shelter and in shelters across the US dreaming of their perfect life, like Teddy.
CAA is a volunteer organization that assists the animal shelter and helps promote adoptable pets in the community.

In 2019, Erin Kellow, Fort George’s Merch & Shipping Coordinator, was voted employee of the year by her coworkers for her spectacular ability to be everywhere at once, always lending a hand and helping to improve Fort George every day. Staff voted Employee of the Year get to choose a charitable cause for the Fort to support, and Erin asked to hold an adoption event for the shelter where she volunteers walking and socializing dogs several days a week. Due to the events of the past two years, we had a long time to come up with the perfect beer and the perfect can to accompany this event.

Pet of the Week, an ESB designed to be as comforting as a warm, soft nose nudging you for pets, will be available in 4 packs this weekend. Each can is dedicated to one of ten supremely cute pets from the shelter. Every 4 pack features a different assortment of pets, each more adorable than the last. A few have already been adopted. You can catch some of the shelter’s most adoptable residents in the Fort George courtyard from 2-4PM on Saturday, 10/29 during the PET OF THE WEEK BEER RELEASE & PET COSTUME PARTY.

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