North Coast Surf Day

Brian is the Marketing Director at Fort George Brewery. He started out more than a decade ago slinging beers from the tap wall at the Pub and never looked back. He lives on the coast because that’s where all the good stuff is – from food to surfing to music to beer. Come along with Brian for a day on the Northern-most coast of Oregon – starting early with a fried egg and some hair of the dog.

Diner in the front, bar and music venue in the back.

7:30am – Coffee and Breakfast at The Labor Temple

Chances are, you’re going to need some courage for this day. It could be the kind of courage that helps ward off what you put in your body last night, so the Labor Temple has the Mattie J, which is biscuits and gravy with a fried egg, sausage patty and melted cheese. Probably wanna go for a half-order.

If cold Vortex for breakfast is your jam, you can do that here as well. For… the courage. Come back here later in the day for live music, pinball, and other good times.

9:00am – Check the Surf at the South Jetty Viewing Platform at Fort Stevens

The Jetty viewing platform is closed for repairs, but the rest of Fort Stevens is open.

Part of surfing is the act of wandering.

You don’t want to go directly to the spot that you are going to surf. You are going to want to “check the surf” while digesting your breakfast and just straight chilling. The South Jetty Viewing Platform (Area C) at Fort Stevens State Park is a perfect spot for that. Take a stroll along the jetty wall while watching the waves, sea lions and the mouth of the Columbia River all converge.


10:00am – Stop in at Cleanline Surf in Seaside or Cannon Beach

Cleanline Surf Shop in Seaside, Oregon.

Cleanline Surf has the biggest selection of surf gear in the Pacific Northwest. They know cold water surf quite well as they have been taking the cold plunge since before Jack O’Neill released the one-piece the wetsuit that you will need for your journey. They are setup in an old library (Seaside) right off the highway and have another spot in Cannon Beach (also right off the highway). Both are excellent spots and offer daily rentals of wetsuits and surfboards. Better go for the booties, gloves and hood while you’re at it. If you’re not a surfer, they have a large selection of outerwear, sandals, sunglasses and more. Tell them Fort George sent you and give a fist bump to Josh while you get setup for the day.

Short Sands Lager at Short Sand Beach.

11:00am – Short Sands aka Oswald West State Park

If this is a weekend, you might not be able to find a spot. Don’t blame us for naming a beer after this iconic spot. It was already blown up before we made it! Short Sands is just too amazing not to have a beer named after it. It is a 1/2 mile walk alongside a creek and through the trees to a beautiful oasis of North Coast Beauty. Pro tip: Bring your kit down to the beach in a backpack. Your kit should include a 6 pack of Short Sands Lager, your wetsuit, booties, towel, water and snacks at the very least. Don’t put your suit on the parking lot and don’t walk back to the parking lot in your suit. Your skin and your pride will thank us. 

Seaside Brewing in Seaside, Oregon.

1:00 pm/2:00 pm – Lunch at The Stand, Seaside (Weekdays Only) or Seaside Brewery

You’re going to be hungry again. These spots should hold you over before getting to the Fort. The Stand is weekdays only but worth a stop. If you’re looking for beer, stop by Seaside Brewery before dropping off your gear back at Cleanline or stopping in for those sandals you knew you should have picked up.

3:00 pm – Cathedral Tree Trail and Astoria Column

Get back to Astoria, walk up the hill to Irving Street, hook a left and you’ll be at the base of the Cathedral Tree Trail. It’s so good, we named a beer after this spot as well. If you’re into that sort of thing, you should totally pack a Cathderal Tree Pilsner and drink it at the base of this 300+ year old Sitka Spruce.

Cathedral Tree Trail in Astoria, OR.

Keep going up the trail after that and up to the Astoria Column. Head into the gift shop and purchase at least two balsa wood gliders, climb the tower, and launch them off the top. Once back down, run down the grassy slope Little House on the Prairie-Style, and don’t miss the exit trail, halfway down to the right, which drops you down to Clatsop Community College and then back off into downtown Astoria.

6:00 pm-ish  – Dinner at Fort George

As you walk back down the hill, take a peek at the Fort Astoria historical site on the backside of the Fort George building, walk through the Fort George Garden and onto the rest of the Fort George Block. We’ve made all the decisions for you so far, so now you have to make the final call: Upstairs or Down? Pizza or Fried Chicken? IPA or Stout? We trust you to figure it out, but no matter where on the block you end up, our servers will be happy to guide you.

The Fort George Garden at Fort George Brewery in Astoria, OR on West Exchange St. next to Fort Astoria.

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