Seattle: 3-Way IPA Release Party

The Goat: According to Norse mythology, Thor rides in a chariot pulled by goats, bringing the thunder. One of the oldest domesticated animals, the legend of the goat runs deep, is vital to humankind, and yet at times turns dark and foreboding. Goats are also amazing mountain climbers, especially holy mountains.

The Elk: Native to the Northwest, some cultures revere the elk as a spiritual force. Large and powerfully built, elk shed their velvet at the start of summer revealing antlers that grow more and more impressive every year. The bugle call of a fully mature bull is remarkably similar to the Fort George beer whistle.

The Narwhal: Narwhals absolutely shred it. Anyone who doubts this gets the tusk.

Now, let’s see how they perform on tricycles.

3-Way IPA rises every summer like a Monolith, no a Triolith of IPA reverence, this year featuring Holy Mountain, Modern Times, and Fort George Brewery. New friendships are forged. An exchange of brewing knowledge and techniques are passed along. Pints are shared. And by the start of summer, the fruit from this collaborative process is packed into 16-ounce cans, exclusively for the Pacific Northwest.

Share a pint with all three of us, as we pour this year’s collaboration (for the first time in Washington) at The Pine Box at 1600 Melrose Avenue. 3-Way IPA will be on tap, along with beers from the three breweries.

And start your stretching now, because The Pine Box is bringing tricycle races back to the patio. It’s head-to-head three-wheeling competition until a victor is crowned, in these single-elimination heats. Prizes will be awarded and plenty of 3-Way IPA will be poured. The festivities start at 6pm.

WHERE: The Pine Box, 1600 Melrose Avenue Seattle, Washington 98122 Map