Thursday Lecture: Wit & Wisdom

Conversing about Conversation

Guest Speakers: John Nygaard & Seth Tichenor

Synopsis: We seem to live in a time where people talk at one another, rather than converse. People who disagree will speak past one another, while those who agree find themselves trapped in echo chambers that they don’t even realize are there. And, yet, there is clearly a longing for more meaningful, constructive, and even challenging conversation. But what does this mean and what would it look like? What exactly are conversations and why do they seem more difficult in recent times? Can conversations really change minds? What do we hope will come from them?

Converse at Wit & Wisdom, tonight in the Lovell Showroom. Doors open at 6pm, with the conversation starting at 7pm. Food & beverages are available through the Taproom, all ages are welcome, and never a cover. Wit & Wisdom is brought to you every month by Philosofarian.

WHERE: Lovell Showroom, Corner of 14th & Duane Astoria, Oregon 97103 Map