Thursday Lecture: Wit & Wisdom

What is “Deep” Time?

Guest Speaker: Seth Tichenor

Synopsis: It’s easy to get caught up in the stories and events of our immediate day-to-day lives. But what happens when we look at these things from a longer view – centuries, millennia, eons, or even longer? How does this longterm perspective change our values and understanding of the world around us? And, are there insights about ourselves that arise when we take the “longer view” of what we are?

Doors to the Lovell Showroom open at 6pm, with the talk starting at 7pm. Food & beverages are available through the Taproom, all ages are welcome, and never a cover. Wit & Wisdom is brought to you every month by Philosofarian.

WHERE: Lovell Showroom, Corner of 14th & Duane Astoria, Oregon 97103 Map