On The Block


Do you take reservations?

Yes. During these highly unusual times, Fort George dine-in is all by reservation and only in our upstairs restaurant space. Go to fortgeorgebrewery.com/reservations to select the date and time. Call 503-325-7468 if you have any questions.

Are kids allowed?

Minors are allowed at Fort George until 10pm. And under the current State of Oregon dining restrictions, all patrons must leave the building by 10pm.

Are dogs allowed?

Service animals are welcome in all guest areas of the block, in accordance with the ADA. This law does not provide allowances for emotional support or therapy animals. Non-service animals are allowed only in the uncovered areas, like the Courtyard and Top Deck. They should be leashed and under control at all times. Non-service animals are not allowed inside the Fort George Building, the Lovell Building, or the covered Solarium due to Clatsop County health code regulations. You may tie your friendly furry family members up in the Courtyard while you dine, but please remember that you are responsible for them.

Are there vegan options? Gluten-free?

There are vegan options on the menu, and many items can be made vegetarian or vegan with a little ingenuity. Gluten-free buns and pizza dough are available upon request. Talk to your server about any dietary restrictions or allergies. **Warning: the kitchen is not certified gluten-free.**

We’d like to have a large private party at Fort George. Do you have an event space?

With our current restrictions, large parties are not allowed for dine-in service. We are only seating parties of up to 8 people in the restaurant. Our event space in the Lovell Brewery is closed for rentals, at this time.

You have three restaurants listed. Which one is Fort George?

All of them. Fort George Brewery is split into three restaurant spaces: the original Public House downstairs, the wood-fired Pizzeria upstairs, and the Lovell Taproom across the Courtyard in the Lovell Building.

Right now, the Pizzeria is the only space open for dine-in service. Please enter through the double doors off of 15th Street, once you have made your reservation online. Use the Fort George Garden entrance for ADA accessibility. The Public House downstairs is for to-go orders only. Order online at fortgeorgetogo.com and pick-up through the Solarium entrance. The Lovell Taproom is temporarily closed.

Where can I park?

There is ample street parking all over Astoria, especially up the hill behind Fort George. Please be aware of the 2-hour limits in some areas. There are a few parking spots in the lot across from Fort George on Duane Street, which also has covered motorcycle and bicycle parking and a charging station for electric vehicles. The Courtyard is not open to customer parking, even for short term loading. Our brewers need this space for grain deliveries and beer loading.

Can I smoke in the Courtyard or on the Top Deck? In the Fort Garden?

The entire Fort George block is smoke-free. There is a covered smoking area across from the Pub on Duane Street.

Will you have (enter your sports teams here) on TV?

Fort George does have a television in each location on the block. Upon request we’ll show sporting events, chosen by bar consensus. Pub policy is to keep televisions muted.

Can we bring our own cake for our birthday party?

Yes. To help us out, please call ahead at (503) 325-7468 so we are best prepared to make your special day extra special.

Do you do brewery tours?

The breweries and Lovell Building are currently off limits to the public. Please help keep our brewers healthy and the Fort George beer flowing by remaining at a safe distance from the building.

The Beer


Where can I get Fort George beer?

Fort George beer is sold throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. You can look for Fort George beer near you with our beer finder at fortgeorgebrewery.com/beerfinder. Or come to Astoria. The pub has the best selection of Fort George draft, cans, and specialty bottles, many only found at the brewery. You can see what we have available, in cans, bottles, and crowlers, at fortgeorgetogo.com.

Why can’t I get (insert Fort George beer) at my favorite bottle shop or tap house?

If that bottle shop or tap house is in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho, they should have access to Fort George year-round offerings through their local distributor. Ask your favorite establishment to order some Fort George beer. Some limited varieties or seasonals are not always available, and many small batches and bottles are only found at the brewery. If you have a question about a specific beer, message Fort George on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or send an email to beer@fortgeorgebrewery.com.

I live outside of the northwest. Can I order beer directly from you?

Due to shipping arrangements, a complex web of State laws, and cold-storage issues, Fort George does not ship beer directly to customers outside of Oregon and Washington. But a trip to Astoria is definitely worth your while. Bring an extra suitcase.

Can I buy a keg from the brewery?

Yes. Make sure to plan ahead, as the brewery will need at least 2 days to ensure your keg is ready for pick-up at the pub. Go to fortgeorgetogo.com and scroll down to our dock sales section to see what is readily available. If you don’t see the variety or the size you need, send an email to beer@fortgeorgebrewery.com and we’ll see what we can do for you.