The most up-to-date stout list for Festival of Dark Arts 2019. Stout emergencies happen – beers are subject to change.

Asterisks * denote token values at the festival.  All alcohol at the Festival of Dark Arts will be served in the tasting glass, three ounces at a time. Beers are sorted by pouring location.

Pizza Joint (A)

Dark Sky Brewing

Bourbon Barrel Aged Cielo Oscuro ••
Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with vanilla, coffee, chipotle peppers, and cassia bark. 12.5%

Fort George Brewery

Tamarind Nights •
Tamarind & Guajillo chiles. 6.7%

Fort George Brewery

Solemn OATh •
A classic oatmeal stout. 7%

pFriem Family Brewers

Coconut Stout •
Dark chocolate, toasted coconut, and hazelnut. 8.6%

Great Notion Brewery

Peanut Brother ••
Imperial milk stout aged on peanut butter and raw chocolate. 9%

Alvarado Street Brewery

Motor Oil #3 ••
Imperial stout with maple & coffee. 11.5%

Little Beast Brewing

Count the Stars ••
Imperial oatmeal stout, primary fermentation with Brettanomyces anomalus var. claussenii. 9%

Georgetown Brewing Co.

Barrel Aged Mega Meow Imperial Stout ••
Notes of leather and tobacco, bitter cocoa, smokey rye, dark fruit, and herbal licorice spice. 9%

Pub (B)

Reach Break Brewing/7 Devils Brewing Co.

Symbiosis Fig Stout (2019) •
An imperial stout collaboration, aged on figs. 10.5%

Trap Door Brewing

Super Treat! ••
Neapolitan ice cream stout made with waffle cones, strawberry puree, cocoa nibs, and vanilla beans. 8.5%

Skookum Brewery

Barrel Aged Breakfast Stout ••
Imperial milk stout aged in bourbon barrels and finished on whole coffee beans. 10.5%

Everybody’s Brewing

Double Dark Chocolate Raspberry Imperial Stout ••
We took the recipe for a double dark chocolate raspberry cake and turned it into a beer. 10%

Fort George Brewery

Itsy Bitsy •
Dry Irish stout. 4.3%

Fort George Brewery

Bourumkin ••
Aged in bourbon & rum barrels with roasted pumpkins. 14.5%

Modern Times Beer

Devil’s Teeth with Hazelnuts, Vanilla, & Coffee •••
A hybrid of an old ale and imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels. 13.5%

Alesong Brewing & Blending

Señor Rhino •••
Imperial milk stout aged in bourbon barrels with Mexican hot chocolate spices. 12.5%

Solarium (C)

Fort George Brewery

From Astoria With Love •
The mother of Matyroshka – Russian imperial stout. 9.4%

Fort George Brewery

2019 Matryoshka ••
Russian imperial stout aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels. 12.75%

Fort George Brewery

2019 Matryoshka with Coconut •••

Fort George Brewery

2019 Matryoshka with Coconut & Vanilla •••

Fort George Brewery

2019 Matryoshka with Coconut, Vanilla, & Almonds •••

Fort George Brewery

2019 Matryoshka with Coconut, Vanilla, Almonds, & Blueberries •••

Fort George Brewery

2019 Matryoshka with Maple & Cinnamon •••
Pouring straight from the bourbon barrel. 12.75%

Taproom (F)

Level Beer

Dodgy Fool •
Dry Irish stout with coffee, vanilla, and strawberries. 4%

Seaside Brewing Co.

Feel The Darkness ••
Oatmeal stout with vanilla beans and oak-roasted Ecuadorian cocoa nibs, aged in oak whiskey barrels. 7%

Grains of Wrath Brewing

Gretel’s Delight •
Cinnamon, coffee, chocolate stout. 7.6%

Pelican Brewing Co.

Father of all Tsunamis ••
Imperial stout aged in rye whiskey barrels. 11.2%

Fort George Brewery

Cavatica Stout •
Big, bold, American stout beauty. 8.8%

Fort George Brewery

1,000 Years of Silence ••
Mexican chocolate imperial stout. 10.5%

Epic Brewing

Quadruple Barrel Big Bad Baptist •••
Aged in whiskey & rum barrels with cocoa nibs and barrel aged coffee beans, coconut, & almonds. 11.2%

Cerebral Brewing

Ancient Ruins – Mexican Chocolate ••
Imperial chocolate stout brewed with Dominican cocoa, cinnamon, ancho & guajillo chiles, and vanilla. 10.5%

Showroom (H)

Fort George Brewery

Hawaiian Sled Dog ••
American stout with Maui Coffee and vanilla . 6.8%

Fort George Brewery

Regicide ••
Bourbon barrel imperial rye chocolate stout. 13%

Ex Novo Brewing Co.

Kill the Sun ••
Imperial stout aged 9 months in whiskey barrels, blended with coffee and vanilla. 12.3%

Three Magnets Brewing Co.

Orange Treat •
A vegan imperial sweet/milk stout infused with sweet orange peel, chocolate malts, and coconut cream. 8.5%

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

Tuckered Out Stout •••
Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with late additions of organic Belgian cocoa nibs. 11.8%

Stoup Brewing

Shapka Imperial Stout
Imperial stout aged for nine months in 12-year-old Elijah Craig Bourbon barrels. 11%

North Jetty Brewing

Dark Hearts •
Imperial milk stout with cocoa nibs. Brewed in collaboration with Grains of Wrath. 8.5%

Cloudburst Brewing

Barrel Aged Darkenfloxx •• (stout substitution after Grimoire printing)
Imperial stout with Lighthouse Coffee and hazelnut oil aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels. 13.8%

Exchange Street – Small Trailer (J1)

Block 15 Brewing Co.

Super Nebula, Breakfast with Woodford 2018 •••
Bourbon barrel aged imperial stout with maple syrup and conditioned on coffee and cocoa nibs. 10.5%

Holy Mountain Brewing Co.

2018 Midnight Still •••
Imperial stout aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels from 18 month, 12 month, and 9 month stock. 13%

Sunriver Brewing Co.

Mi Casa es Su Casa Mexican Mocha Imperial Stout ••
Mi Casa Mexican coffee, vanilla, cocoa nibs, ancho chilis, cinnamon, aged in whiskey barrels. 10.2%

Fort George Brewery

Acceptance Peach •
Milk stout with caramelized peaches & cinnamon. 5.1%

Fort George Brewery

Nightfall ••
Imperial oatmeal stout aged in bourbon & brandy barrels. 12%

Ruse Brewing

The Stages of Dawn ••
Imperial breakfast stout aged on tons of Ugandan vanilla and a special blend of Coava Coffee. 9.4%

Buoy Beer Co.

Triple Belgian Stout •
Belgian stout brewed with chocolate malts, roasted barley, and kiln coffee, and fermented with Gnome Belgian yeast. 8.7%

Breakside Brewery

The Oligarch ••
Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels. 10.7%

Exchange Street – Large Trailer (J2)

Crux Fermentation Project

Lost Love ••
Imperial stout brewed with an obsessive amount of malted rye and banished to rye whiskey barrels. 14%

Double Mountain Stout

No Collusion ••
An interrogation of ingredients assembled for a common goal. Dark chocolate, pine resin, and fig. 10.4%

Migration Brewing

Sweet Nothings •
Robust stout with a sessionable ABV. Brewed with ample chocolate malt and raspberry. 5.9%

Golden Valley Brewery

Whiskey Barrel Aged 50 FT Milkmaid ••
Imperial milk stout aged in whiskey barrels. 7.5%

Fremont Brewing

Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star: Spice Wars •••
Imperial oatmeal stout with coffee and spices aged in bourbon barrels. 13.6%

Full Sail Brewing

1998 Russian Imperial Stout •••
A rare and exceptional 20-year-old Russian imperial stout from the archive at Full Sail. 9.8%

Hondo’s Brewery & Public House

Hell Hound •
Imperial mocha stout spiced with cinnamon, orange peel, and aged on cocoa nibs. 9.5%

Structures Brewing

Winter Sun ••
Imperial stout brewed with Madagascar vanilla and hazelnut. 10.2%


Blackest Heart ••
Imperial stout aged in Hogshead Whiskey barrels with sweet cherries, cocoa, and cold brew coffee. 8.77%

Public Coast Brewing Co.

Black Jack Bumbleberry Sour •
The perfect balance of Oregon berries, acidity, chocolate, with a low amount of bitterness. 7.2%

Fort George Brewery

Peanut Butter Brownie Stout ••
Chocolate and peanut butter. 9%

Fort George Brewery

Waves of Silence: Burgee •
Brown sugar, orange peel, Dutch cocoa powder, & Papau New Guinea coffee. 9%

Bale Breaker Brewing Company

Barrel Aged Wood and Wire ••
Aged 9 months in bourbon barrels adding a touch of whiskey, wood, and charred vanilla character. 11.5%

Monday Night Brewing

Situational Ethics CVBM •••
Bissell Maple Bourbon barrel aged version, with cinnamon and Ugandan vanilla beans added. 13.9%

WeldWerks Brewing

Coffee Coconut Achromatic •••
Imperial stout brewed with toasted & raw coconut, whole bean & cold-brewed Peruvian coffee. 10.1%

Mount Olympus Brewing

Blood of Hades ••
Imperial stout aged in WRD barrels with vanilla, cinnamon, peppers, & Tinderbox cold brew. 8.5%

Reuben’s Brews

Chocolate Box: Hazelnut Praline •••
Imperial stout aged on hazelnuts, cocoa nibs, & vanilla beans after aging in bourbon barrels for a year. 14%

Ecliptic Brewing

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Oort Imperial Stout ••
Imperial stout that slumbered for fifteen months in 12-year-old bourbon barrels. 12.1%

GoodLife Brewing

Cherry & Vanilla Imperial Stout
Bourbon barrel aged imperial stout with Oregon cherries and vanilla beans. 12.5%

Our Mutual Friend Brewing

Vanilla Thanatoid •••
Imperial stout aged in Laws Whiskey House bourbon barrels with vanilla beans. 12.5%

The Ruins (K)

Fort George Brewery

Murky Pearl •
Oyster stout. 6%

Fort George Brewery

Fluffernutter •
Imperial milk stout with marshmallows, roasted peanuts, and vanilla. 9.2%

Gigantic Brewing Company

Bailey’s Chocolate Stout •
Oatmeal stout with Woodblock Chocolate cocoa nibs. 5.7%

Allegory Brewing

Barrel Aged Mini Stout •
A session stout aged in bourbon barrels. 4.5%

Walking Man Brewing

2017 Jaywalker Imperial Stout •
Big chocolate flavors dominate your mouth while a bit of alcohol heat lightens up the finish. 11.8%

Astoria Brewing Company

Ancient Tomb ••
Imperial smoked stout aged in port barrels. 11%


You can also find a limited selection of wine , cider , and non-stout beers   at the Pizza Joint, Pub, and Taproom locations. Those pours are served in the FoDA taster glass, always 3-ounces at a time, and purchased with tokens. Non-alcoholic beverages are available, as well.