The most up-to-date tap list for Lupulin Ecstasy 2019. Beers are subject to change.

Circles  denote ticket values at the festival.  All alcohol at Lupulin Ecstasy will be served in the tasting glass, 6 ounces at a time.

Georgetown Brewing

You’ll Get Nothing & Like It IPA •
A draft-only beer being sold exclusively in Oregon. 6.6% ABV

Johnny Utah Pale Ale •
With heavy grapefruit, citrus and resin in the nose, this light colored ale has minimal malt interference, giving the beer a clean finish without a cloying bitterness. Pronounced grapefruit and pine flavors with a faint verdant note. 5.6% ABV

Reuben’s Brews

Crush Zero •
Brewed with absolutely zero hops on the hot side, adding all of the deliciousness as dry-hops to lend the maximum flavor with the least amount of bitterness. 6% ABV

Pilsner •
A clean, crisp, and bright Lager with bready malt notes and spicy traditional hops. 5.4% ABV

Great Notion

Blueberry Muffin •
This tart and whimsical blueberry treat will remind you of your family’s freshly baked blueberry muffins! 5.5% ABV

Guava Mochi •
Guava Mochi is a thick and juicy fruited IPA brewed with toasted rice and fermented with milk sugar, guava, and vanilla bean. This trocpial delight was massively dry hopped with El Dorado, Vic Secret, and Motueka hops. 7.2% ABV

Modern Times

Telesto •
This IPA is loaded with Simcoe & Amarillo hops, as well as a bit of rye. That makes for a boatload of citrusy, fruity, awesomness, from the aroma to the satisfying finish. 7% ABV

The flavor: cold. The crushability: maximum. Ice was our very first pils, and it brings the noise. Hopped with Czech Saaz hops before, like, so many weeks of lagering, Ice packs the flavor of the mighty San Diego mountains into a compact, low-ABV package. 4.8% ABV


Sci-Fi Silhouette •
Super fresh, packed to the brim with mountains of Citra & Southern Hemisphere – Vic Secret & Topaz Hops. Notes of Pineapple, Melon, & Grassy Earth. 7% ABV

Semicircles (2018) •
Foeder-aged Sour Blonde, conditioned on 1000 pounds of peaches from our friends at Baird Family Orchards. Earthy, juicy peach, wet orchard & sour gummy bear. 5.5% ABV


Bend to Squares •
It’s an IPA with like hops and stuff. 7% ABV

Happy Little Clouds •
A Bob Ross inspired bastardized German Pilsner. We believe everyday is a good day when you brew. Start out by believing here. A little touch of Pilsner malt here, a little push of German and American hops there. Caressed very gently layer after layer after layer. There are no limits here. Brewed with Weyermann Pilsner malt & a blend of Saaz, Saphir, Mandarina, Huell Melon and Mosaic hops. 5.1% ABV


Ginormous MK8 •
In the search for a hoppier, better equipped Ginormous, we are launching an ever-changing series of Ginormous Imperial IPAs developed at our secret testing facility deep in S.E. Portland. For this seventh in the series we focus on the punchy citrus from Citra and Cascade hops. 8.8% ABV

Corpse Reviver #2 •
Our citrus sour is aged in Ransom Old Tom Gin Barrels with fresh oranges and lemons. Refreshingly delicious – revive tonight! 9.3% ABV


C-Note IPA •
To call C-Note very hoppy would be an understatement. It’s brewed with the seven “C” hops (Crystal, Cluster, Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, Columbus and Challenger) and pushes the bitterness limit to 100 International Bitterness Units. 6.9% ABV

Boneyard Beer

Hop-A-Wheelie •
It’s like trekking through pine forests, evading skunks, and picking from citrus groves. Brewed with Summit, CTZ, Apollo, and Cascades at 3.5 lbs per barrel. If an IPA and a Pilsner had a baby, they would have Hop-A-Wheelie. 7.5% ABV

Sticky Zwickel •
Sticky Zwickel is a classic kettle sour beer that is pitched with Lacto in the brew kettle and allowed to natually sour for approximately 24 hours. Pomegranate and Raspberries are then added to the tart base beer for a sweet complexity that creates a crisp, tart and refreshing beer reminiscent of a German Berliner Weiss. So good in fact, we can’t stop pulling tastes off the zwickel! 4.5% ABV

Block 15

The Audacity of Opacity •
Hopped to extract bright tropical character and gentle bitterness, this (clearly) juicy IPA features a fruity hop profile, soft body, and sparkling clarity. Trust your tastebuds and you won’t need a visual aid to appreciate vibrant hop notes of pineapple, mango, and tangelo. 7% ABV

Pyrus ••
This golden farmhouse ale was fermented in open top cognac barrels and conditioned in our wild cellar on caramelized local bartlett pears, producing a crisp and fruity wild ale offering notes of pear, tart cherry, and pineapple. 6.5% ABV


Exploratory IPA #019 •
Explore this experimental hazy spelt IPA from pFriem. Tropical Hazy Built on a Smooth & Creamy Body. 6.5% ABV

Nectarine Golden Ale ••
pFriem Nectarine Golden Ale is aged in Sauvignon Blanc barrels before we add local Flavortop Nectarines. Six months later, the resulting aromas of marmalade and citrus zest, and notes of peach nectar and cantaloupe practically leap from the glass. 6.9% ABV


Cloudy 5000 •
We’re bringing New England to Wyoming like the powder days in Jackson do, and the result is a cashmere coated hop juice bomb for the Hazeheads. 8.5% ABV

Hey Zeus •
Crisp & refreshing Mexican style Lager, specifically made for mortals. It’s heaven on earth, a place where love comes first. It’s like thunder & lightning, the way it drinks is frightening. 5.2% ABV

Barley Brown’s

Occam’s Hazer #1 •
Occam’s Hazer IPA is a series of single hop Juicy Hazy IPAs. Occam’s Hazer #1 is Mosaic. 6% ABV

Mai-be…Mai-be Bock •
Maybe it’s a Bock, or maybe it’s a Maibock. Have another pint and let us know. 6.5% ABV

Holy Mountain

Visual Field •
A Pale Ale brewed with Mosaic and Comet. 5.3% ABV

Covenant •
Barrel Fermented Saison dry-hopped with Mosaic and Comet hops. 4.7% ABV

Fort George Brewery

3-Way IPA 2019 •
3-Way IPA (2019) combines all of the fruit-forwardness of a hazy, but with that classic touch of bitterness you find in a West Coast IPA. The result is a bright, citrus fruit bomb that doesn’t finish too heavy or sweet. And it also doesn’t hold back on any of the hops. 7% ABV

Cathedral Tree •
A beer that pays reverence to a timeless lager style – the Pilsner. Fermented entirely in oak puncheons, Cathedral Tree incorporates Old World methodology to provide a mellow tannic structure that lends a full mouthfeel and support for classic German hops. Finishes clean and refreshing, as any Pilsner should. 4.8% ABV