CATHEDRAL TREE – 4.8% – $6/16oz
An oak barrel fermented pilsner that has a smooth & full body to support floral and herbal hop flavors. Aromas of white grape and flavors of white nectarine round out the crisp & clean finish.

THE MEADOW – 4.9% – $6/16oz
Traditional German-style Pilsner with a soft, bready, almost honey-like malt profile accentuated with herbal, flowery & black tea notes.

COPPERPLATE – 5.1% – $6/16oz
A lovely copper colored lager for the Fall season, Copperplate exhibits rich malty flavors of graham cracker, darkened toast, as well as plums & raisins, finishing not too dry and not too sweet.

QUICK WIT – 5.1% – $6/16oz
Light & citrusy Belgian-style wheat beer made with lemongrass, coriander, and elderflower.

THE OPTIMIST – 6.2% – $6/16oz
Golden IPA with a slight maltiness and moderate bitterness with a pronounced floral hop character.

BETA 19.2 – 6.6% – $6/16oz
Test batch for a West Coast IPA collaboration with Grains of Wrath Brewery. Starting with mild malt sweetness, bitter pine leads to grapefruit and citrus notes; a classic crisp & clear IPA.

SUICIDE SQUEEZE – 7.2% – $6/16oz
West Coast style IPA with a pleasantly light body and aromas of floral citrus that are followed by pronounced orange and grapefruit flavors.

CITY OF FUNK – 7.3% – $6/16oz
We took our ever popular City Of Dreams hazy pale ale and put it in French oak barrels with a Brettanomyces mixed culture. The result is a dry hazy sour with notes of citrus, funk, & a light tartness.

MAGNETIC FIELDS – 7.2% – $6/16oz
Hazy IPA a slight sweetness up front with a balanced bitterness. Aromas of pineapple and honeydew melon give way to stone fruit flavors like peach & nectarine.

VORTEX IPA – 7.7% – $6/16oz
Our flagship IPA that is intensely hopped in the traditional Northwest-style with notes of grapefruit & pine.

ELECTRIC CACTUS – 7.8% – $6/12oz
A fruited sour aged in tequila barrels with cherry puree and lime peels.
Pouring an electrified berry red with a tart cherry aroma, Electric Cactus finishes with plenty of citrus notes and a bright lime zestiness.

A DAB WILL DUBBEL – 6.7% – $6/16oz
Belgian-style dubbel that is ruby brown in color with a subdued hop presence and complex malty sweetness.

CAVATICA – 8.8% – $6/16oz
Rich, roasty American-style stout with a dark chocolate finish and moderate bitterness that has a loyal following around the Northwest.

NIGHTFALL – 12% – $7.75/8oz
Imperial oatmeal stout that spent time aging in brandy and bourbon barrels that has aromas of chocolate and dried fruits with flavors of toasted nuts and pronounced oak tannins.

Coopers Hall Pinot Gris
Coopers Hall Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc
Dominio IV Rosé
Coopers Hall Big Creek Red
Apolloni Pinot Noir

Reveille King’s Cross Cider
Finn River Black Currant Cider


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