COPPERPLATE – 5.1% – $6/16oz

Copperplate exhibits rich malty flavors of graham cracker, darkened toast, as well as plums & raisins, finishing not too dry & not too sweet. 

GALLAGHER NW PALE ALE – 5.5% – $6/16oz

A classic Northwest-style pale ale strong notes of melon. Sessionable, crispy, & just enough bitterness.

THE OPTIMIST – 6.2% – $6/16oz

Golden IPA w/ a slight maltiness & moderate bitterness w/ a pronounced floral hop character. 

BETA 19.2 – 6.6% – $6/16oz

Test batch for a West Coast IPA collaboration w/ Grains of Wrath Brewery. Starting w/ mild malt sweetness, bitter pine leads to grapefruit & citrus notes; a classic West Coast IPA

SUICIDE SQUEEZE – 7.2% – $6/16oz

West Coast style IPA that has a pleasantly light body & aromas of floral citrus that are followed by pronounced orange and grapefruit.

CITY OF FUNK – 7.3% – $6/16oz

We took our ever popular City Of Dreams hazy pale ale and put it in oak barrels w/ a Brettanomyces mixed culture. The result is a dry hazy sour w/ notes of citrus, funk, & a light tartness.

ARSENAL – 7.9% – $6/12oz

Lightly tart rustic blonde ale that was co-fermented with viognier  grape juice from Dominio IV winery in Carlton, OR.

ITSY BITSY – 4.3% – $6/16oz

Light, dry, Irish stout

SPUMONI STOUT – 6.4% – $6/16oz  

Milk stout with cherries, pistachios, cocoa nibs, & vanilla that is roasty and nutty with notes of vanilla and fruity cherries. 

RETROPORTER – 6.7% – $6/16oz

Classic porter for classic people. Deep brown with smooth chocolate and caramel flavors, as well as date and fig notes. 

  1. CHOCOLATE BAR – 6.8% – $6/16oz  

Made with almonds, cocoa, & sea salt, this beer will remind you of a delicious salted almond dark chocolate bar. Lots of chocolate notes as well as dark fruit & a subtle salty finish. 

CAVATICA – 8.8% – $6/16oz

Rich, roasty American-style stout with a dark chocolate finish and moderate bitterness 

S’MORE PLEASE – 8.9% – $6/16oz

Milk stout w/ brown sugar , lactose, cocoa nibs & vanilla

BOOK OF SHADOWS – 9.7% – $6/12oz

Subtle aromas of campfire greet your senses w/ this smoked maple stout. Intense, full-bodied and roasty w/ an elusive sweetness. 

DARK TUNNELER – 10.6% – $6/12oz

Imperial caramel stout w/ cocoa nibs, macadamia nuts & sea salt

MADE TO ORDER  – 12.5% – $7.75/8oz

Blend of bourbon bbl aged stouts conditioned on a hefty dose of Guatemalan coffee from Columbia River Coffee Roasters.

WOLF SPIDER -12.7% – $7.75/8oz

Imp. Stouts aged in Laphroaig barrels w/ chocolate & hazelnuts & Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels blended to a perfect balance of peat smoke, stout-y chocolate, and oaky goodness.

MALT GAUNTLET – 15% – $7.75/8oz

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout w/ Vanilla & Cinnamon – Collaboration with Alesong

Dear Mom Red
Dear Mom White
Dear Mom Sparkling
Dear Mom Rosé

Reveille – Tangerine Dream


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