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Fort George opened its doors to Astoria as both a brewery and a public house, and that desire to serve the community continues to this day. The brewers and pub staff here share a common goal, to create a welcoming space where anyone in town can pull up a stool and enjoy a pint and a bite to eat. We take pride in our house-made offerings and our hospitality, and we’re always looking for improvements that bring us one step closer to perfection. It’s a goal Sisyphus could appreciate, even if he doesn’t have as much fun pushing that rock as we do rolling those kegs. And that’s why we like to call Fort George beer the best beer you’ve had today. Tomorrow it will only be better.


Following the Lewis & Clark Expedition in the early 1800s, John Jacob Astor dispatched both land and sea parties to establish a fur trading post in this northwestern territory. The post, named Fort Astoria, was built in 1811, making it the earliest American settlement on the West Coast.

During the War of 1812, the British war-sloop HMS Racoon came to take The Fort, proclaiming it Fort George in honor of King George III. But we all know how that war turned out, or else we’d be serving English Pale Ales to our fellow Canadians. By the mid-1840s, with pioneers from the Oregon Trail filtering in, the town was renamed Astoria.

The current Fort George Building was erected in 1924, on roughly the same location as Fort Astoria (Fort George). Hefty fir beams and solid concrete floors supported the automotive service station that was located here for decades.

The Lovell Building was constructed in 1921, only months before a devastating fire ripped through downtown Astoria. While the town rebuilt yet again, the Lovell Building became a marketplace for local businesses, including the Blue Mouse Theater on the top level.

An economic slowdown in the 1970s and 80s left the Fort George building vacant. And when the Chevy dealership moved out of the Lovell Building, this entire block on the east end of downtown fell dormant.

And then came Fort George Brewery + Public House…

3 Locations 1 Block

Downstairs Pub, Pizza Upstairs, and the Lovell Taproom. Check out the menus here.



Fort George Brewery + Public House is growing.

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