1811 Lager

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On the site of what is now the Fort George Brewery block, in the year 1811, fur magnate John Jacob Astor’s expedition boldly built a trading post they called Astoria—the first US settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. Around the same time, brewers improvised an effervescent beer by brewing lager yeasts at higher-than-normal temperatures. Described as a “refreshing drink, much consumed by the laboring classes,” it’s the inspiration for 1811 Lager. The Official Bicentennial Beer of Astoria is lovingly concocted from 2-row malted barley and cracked maize, with a distinctive Northwest hop style.

Brewer's Notes

The first five cans off of our new canning line were 1811 Lager, and were immediately shotgunned. FACT.


This beer's color is: Straw.


On a scale of 1 (not bitter) to 19 (bitter) this beer is rated: 11.


This beer is available year round.