1811 Lager

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On the site of what is now the Fort George Brewery block, in the year 1811, fur magnate John Jacob Astor’s expedition boldly built a trading post they called Fort Astoria—the first US settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. Around the same time, brewers improvised an effervescent beer by brewing lager yeasts at higher-than-normal temperatures. Described as a “refreshing drink, much consumed by the laboring classes,” it’s the inspiration for 1811 Lager. The Official Bicentennial Beer of Astoria is lovingly concocted from 2-row malted barley and cracked maize, with a distinctive Northwest hop style.

Once a year-round regular, 1811 Lager is no longer available in cans. Although you may still see it on tap on special occasions.

Brewer's Notes

In 2011, the first five cans off of the new Cask canning line were 1811 Lager. They were immediately shotgunned. FACT.


This beer's color is: Straw.


On a scale of 1 (not bitter) to 19 (bitter) this beer is rated: 11.


This beer is available between January and December.