3-Way IPA 2023 – Hazy Chico

In ancient times, rituals and rites marked the passing of the seasons. At Fort George, we adhere to the ancient ways. We mark the beginning of summer each year with a 3-Way IPA: our most popular, most loved summer seasonal.

3-Way IPA Hazy Chico (Blue) is the third release of 3-Way IPA 2023. Brewed with Hazy Chico yeast, the third iteration of 3-Way IPA 2023 leads with dank, tropical aromatics and ends in smooth, perfectly re-sippable bitterness. The brewers at Fort George, Cellarmaker Brewing, and Anchorage Brewing spent months sifting through their extensive IPA-style archives to formulate the perfect West Coast recipe. We couldn’t settle for just one style, so we present – 3-Way, three ways. Available all over the Pacific Northwest, all summer long. Learn more about the 3-Way IPA Series here.


Brewer's Notes

3-Way IPA is a yearly summer IPA collaboration between Fort George Brewery and two other breweries we admire.

3-Way IPA 2023 Version 3
Hops: NZ Cascade, Strata, Citra, HBC 586
Malt: GW 2-Row, Rahr Pils, Gambrinus Rye Malt, GM Flaked Wheat, Weyermann Acidulated
Yeast: Hazy Chico

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