Cheers to the Land

All good things come from the land. Trees, flowers, carrots, bacon and – of course – beer. Our North Coast communities are deeply dependent on the land: from productive fisheries to small scale farms. Which is why we’re proud to be releasing this Double IPA with Oregon Agricultural Trust as part of a statewide campaign to raise awareness and funds, protecting Oregon agriculture for the next generation. Cheers to the Land was brewed with Salmon-Safe ingredients from Mainstem Malt, Crosby Estate Hops, and Indie Hops.

Appearance: Pale to deep gold, dense white foam.

Aroma: Tropical, citrus, berry with a hint of fresh grass and fruit blossoms.

Taste: A tropical medley of bright, ripe fruit and melon with light minerality and a gently bitter finish.

Brewer's Notes

Cheers to the Land is a collaboration between Oregon’s great breweries, our beloved farmers, and Oregon Agricultural Trust (OAT). The campaign demonstrates the importance of protecting farm and ranch land for the benefit of Oregon’s economy, community, and landscapes.

Hops: Crosby Estate Comet, Indie Hops Strata
Malts: Mainstem Pilsner, Mainstem Pale, Mainstem White Wheat
Yeast: Fermentis S05 American Ale


This beer is available year round.