Consider the Bramble

Consider the Bramble. Consider the Blackberry. Consider… Rubus allegheniensis. Its shape, its thorny, arcing biennial canes, aggregate drupelets, propensity to stain everything it touches. Consider… The Blackberry: a singular wild fruit. We packed 850 pounds of Blackberry Puree into this purple beer, making it almost more blackberry than beer. Both mild and balanced, Consider the Bramble leads with a quick punch of tartness and delivers a smooth, berry pie finish.

Brewer's Notes

We packed over 850lbs of Blackberry Puree into this beer.

Hops: Columbus
Malts: Rahr Pilsner, Grain Millers Flaked Oats, Grain Millers Flaked Wheat, Weyermann Acidulated
Yeast: Fermentis So5
Other: Blackberry Puree, Lemon Puree, Lemon Zest

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