Fancy Raygun

Just Say Yes.

Say yes to the robust berry flavor of fancy hops in this special collaboration with Single Hill in Yakima. Last year, we visited Single Hill and brewed a beer with hops from the surrounding valley. This time around we made it… Fancy.

This beer was brewed as a  tribute to our highest-paid employee: the Staff Astrologer. They work day and night, clearing meeting schedules to align with our astral birth charts, and diving deep into scrolls of cosmic projections to ensure better yeast productivity, higher lupulin flavor extraction, and more efficient produce deliveries to the Pub. They guard us against the dangers of late-stage capitalism, thinly-veiled fascism, and the ceaseless rodomontade of American morality politics like a vigilant Raygun on a hill.

Brewer's Notes

Fancy Raygun is a West Coast IPA collaboration with Single Hill Brewery out of Yakima, WA.

Hops: Helios, Galaxy, Strata, Strata Goo
Malts: Rahr Pilsner, GW 2-Row, Admiral Pacific Victor, Weyermann Acidulated
Yeast: 3470 Weihenstephaner