Fanzine IPA 2022

Late last summer, we drove out to Crosby Hop Farm to meet up with our friends from Block 15. We talked about West Coast IPAs, why we’re both fans of the style, and more specifically, the ideal hops for a fantastic spring seasonal. A few lots of Comet & Idaho 7 really stood out that day. And now, you’ll get to enjoy their vibrant flavors & aromas all spring long.

The artwork on this year’s Fanzine IPA can is by Portland-based cartoonist August Lipp. To see more of his work check out

Appearance: a gentle pale gold

Aroma: grapefruit, ripe tangerine, pine, and resin

Flavor: resinous tropical fruits, citrus rind, medium body & slightly sticky


Brewer's Notes

Fanzine IPA is available around the Pacific Northwest starting each March.

Hops: Comet, Idaho 7, Mosaic, Columbus