Floating Witch’s Head

Do you remember the first craft beer that ever blew your mind? All that brutal, fruity hop flavor and a curiously meaty finish? Well, all those flavors came from Cascade Hops (pretty much guaranteed). A mighty hop, the most popular hop in American beer for almost 40 years. Maybe it’s not the lord of all hops because this is America and we’re a democracy, but it’s definitely the Chairman of the House Manners Committee of hops. BUT what if we got ahold of every single Cascade Hop product available, put it all in one beer, then blasted the disparate forms of Cascade lupulin particles and specialty malts with the most extreme, mother-of-all flavor-making yeasts: Omega’s Thiolized Star Party.

What then, hm? That’s what we said to our friends at Lost Grove Brewing and they said, let’s give it a try. The result is Floating Witch’s Head Thiolized West Coast Pale Ale. Try some when it lands in Boise during the Treefort Music Fest, or at our Pubs in Astoria.

Brewer's Notes

Floating Witches Head West Coast Pale Ale is a collaboration brew with Lost Grove Brewing out of Boise, ID. Label art by Kyler Martz.

Hops: Cascade, NZ Cascade, Cascade Cryo, Cascade Hop Hash, Whole Cone Cascade
Malts: Great Western 2-Row, Admiral Pilsner, Prairie Pilsner, Admiral Pacific Victor, Weyermann Acidulated
Yeast: Omega’s Star Party