Mirror Glaze

Mirror Glaze is a collaboration between Fort George and all the places Fort George Employees are most likely to hang out when they’re not at Fort George. The brewers at Astoria Brewing, Obelisk, Buoy, Reach Break and Fort George worked together to  dream up  the perfect, sessionable stout for Stout Month. The result is an easy-drinking, low-ABV Pastry Stout that does not compromise on flavor. Rich hazelnut tannins, roasty coffee, and snappy cacao all work to balance the gooey sweetness making Mirror Glaze as savory as an actual slice of weightless Tiramisu.

Appearance: Deep black with brown edges and mocha tan foam.

Aroma: Light and fluffy, powdered sugar, brownie batter, rich toasty hazelnut.

Flavor: Smooth and not too sweet, with the bite of rich dark chocolate woven through rich brownie aroma.

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