Song Bird

Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Alesong Brewing and Blending out of Eugene, Oregon. In early March of 2019, our friends Brian and Matt from Alesong came out to brew two collaboration beers. This tart and fruity sour blonde is one of them. After a long day of step mashing and a slow run off to the kettle, we filled French oak wine barrels with our wort and some funky and sour mixed culture to ferment and age for the better part of a year. After the beer was done conditioning we moved it on top of 1,000 lbs of peaches. That’s 4.3 lbs of peaches per gallon of beer. Dang, that’s a lot of peaches! After re-fermenting for 2.5 months on peaches we threw it into bottles to go through a third fermentation, to naturally carbonate in the bottle. What’s left is an intensely fruity, full bodied yet incredibly dry, assertively sour yet perfectly balanced, beer.

6.5% ABV