The Meadow


Slow down, get a slow pour, and enjoy this unfiltered German-style Pilsner from the brewers at Fort George. Traditional malts lay down a soft and bready, almost honey-like bed. Sunny yellow with a fluffy white head, The Meadow flowers with herbal and spicy notes of noble hops. Wander down if you can. You are always welcome to join us in The Meadow.

Brewer's Notes

The Meadow is characterized by herbal and spicy hops along with a touch of fruitiness blended with a crackery, malt character and a medium mouthfeel with a soft, bready, honey-like flavor.

Hops: Czech Saaz, Perle, Saphir

Malts: Pilsner Malt, Chit Malt

Yeast: Global


This beer is available year round.