If you’re reading this, you’re in the west. But you could be more west.

We all like a nice, clear, snappy and flavorful West Coast IPA. But how do we make it more? We can make it more IPA (just look at all those hops we put in it), we can make it more Coast (we’ve been all over this coast tasting every delicious beer that we could get our hands on). But how do we make it MORE West? Brew it in Astoria, of course.

Westmore is a sharp and fruity West Coast IPA from Oregon’s most west brewery.

ABV: 7%

Brewer's Notes

The Most West of all West Coast IPAs.

Hops: Apollo, Simcoe, Strata, Motueka, Columbus Cryo
Malts: Linc Buzz, Rahr Pils, Dextrin Weyermann Acidulated
Yeast: WLP001

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