Wojack Hopman

Fort George has feelings. Feelings about hops, feelings about beverage clarity, feelings about malt character. It’s pretty much impossible to communicate the depth and gravity of our feelings. Which is why we brewed this cold IPA.

Fort George is not the only brewery with feelings – our friends at Gold Dot Beer have more feelings about fermentation temperature than anyone else we know. And our new collab, Wojak Hopman, is a truly emotional cold IPA – all the bright, snappy, citrusy power of an IPA combined with the super dry, almost bitter, crystal clarity of a lager.

Brewer's Notes

Hops: Apollo, Chinook, Riwaka, Crosby Estate Comet, Cascade, FS Mega Motueka KO Hops
Malts: Rahr Pilsner, Crisp Flaked Torrefied, Weyermann Acidulated, Rice Hulls
Yeast: 3470

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