Sunday Night Music: Rose Gerber & Sweet Relief

Known for the unique juxtaposition of her wry wit and ability to pen a heartbreaking ballad, Rose is the spark-wielding title character in Portland’s homegrown alt/country rock band, Rose Gerber and Sweet Relief. Like so many PNW bands, born in a garage during the rainy season in 2017, labor that consisted of the blue-ribbon twang of their trio of guitars (pedal steel, acoustic, and electric), and Rose’s smooth Americana alto. Together, the five-piece band is a melting pot of essential American sounds, bringing a high lonesome rock vibe to the familiar down-home marriage of soaring harmonies and pedal steel whine. The band will remind you at once of Fleetwood Mac and Woody Guthrie, a Natalie Merchant-fronts-The Cardinals dose of nostalgia and innovation that can shift a pub crowd from laughter to heartache with just a handful of chords and Rose’s melancholy croon.

Catch Sunday Night Music at 6 pm every Sunday in the Lovell Building. All ages welcome and never a cover!


WHERE: Fort George Brewery, 1483 Duane Street Astoria, OR 97103 Map