Sunday Night Music: Innocent Alex

Innocent Alex was formed when Evan Jiroudek decided to take on a solo recording project back in 2016. The five-song EP birthed the first original collaboration brothers Evan and Lake Jiroudek had worked on since going their separate ways in college. One summer, the brothers reunited in their hometown of Cannon Beach, Oregon to begin recording the album, but time got away and Lake had to go back to college in New York City. While Evan did the bulk of the recording in Cannon Beach and Highland Park, California, where he lived, Lake layered all the lead guitar parts on top and sent them back to Evan on the other side of the country. By the time the self-titled EP was released in 2017, Lake had graduated college and moved out to LA to begin working and performing with his brother, Evan.

The brothers went on to spend years in LA together playing at various venues as Innocent Alex, playing as sidemen to many up-and-coming songwriters, and teaching at various music schools during the daytime. Throughout this span of time, Evan had produced and engineered albums for his peers, himself, and even his little brother. With the brothers both writing and singing their own material, they went back into the studio as co-leaders, keeping the band name Evan had originally used for his solo project. Evan and Lake spent a year in a make-shift studio they built inside a carport that sat below a three-story condominium with hundreds of residents, recording their first full-length album and earning the hatred of their neighbors. When the brothers finally finished the tracking, Covid-19 struck and the Pandemic influenced a move back to the Oregon Coast. Soon after, Evan mixed the album, Jason NeSmith (Chase Park Transduction) mastered it, and then the brothers sat on it for two years while Evan worked various construction jobs and Lake recorded an album of his own. Evan and Lake are currently working and performing in Astoria, Oregon where they are promoting their new LP No More Heroes.

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