Sunday Night Music: Joe Kaplow and Laith

Joe Kaplow describes music as his “currency for life. We all have something or a  few things that we do, we work at, we commit to and that’s how we pay for our time here.  It’s like life is a Ferris wheel at the county fair.  You can’t just ride all night.  Every 4 times around you have to  stop at the bottom and pay for another half hour or whatever.”  When faced with the question, “Why am I doing this?” Kaplow answered, “because this is how I feel best paying for my time.” His second full-length album, Sending Money and Stems, is more band-oriented, more groove-based, more uptempo, more hifi, and more happy-go-lucky than his previous work.


Laith, known by some as Hutch, hails from the suburban hurricane of Houston, Texas.  Laith’s music is soaked with memories of Grandma and Grandpa’s bayou house, rides on a red vintage lawn mower packed with cousins, and smoky, music-filled bars that a 16-year-old has no place being. Which is exactly where Laith found himself as a youngling. Laith now resides in the Pacific Northwest lugging used up notebooks and loose scraps of paper scratched with the lyrics of new songs, not yet learned. You can always look forward to hearing something new and something honest when listening to Laith.




Catch Sunday Night Music every Sunday in the courtyard at 6pm. All ages welcome and never a cover!

WHERE: Courtyard at Fort George, 1483 Duane Street Astoria, OR 97103 Map