Sunday Night Music: Lilly Miller / Westmoreland / Larsen Gardens

Lilly Miller – Seattle-based musician Lilly Miller has spent the last year working on her first EP, entitled The Fool. Influenced by Joni Mitchell and the melodic tones of Nick Drake, her songs are known for their tenderness and deep feelings.

Westmoreland – Latino Ballroom is the debut LP from Westmoreland, the project of Seattle-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Zach Alva. Recorded in a week in Silsbee, TX, the album deals with the passing of his father and examines his feelings surrounding grief, family, and love. The record’s sound is steeped in a wide range of cultural influences, including folk-rock, jazz, and country, with the title referencing his experience as an Indigenous and Latino artist creating in what are predominantly white music spaces.

Larsen Gardens – In her unreleased debut album MOONFLOWER, Seattle-based artist Larsen Gardens paints an intimate portrait of transformation. Blossoming with the warmth and care required to look within, the work really becomes an alchemical reflection of what it’s like to shine light into a shadowy place. The result is a dreamy, hopeful kaleidoscope of mellotron, washy guitars, twinkling piano, and, in some tracks, lo-fi apartment-recording and producing.

WHERE: Fort George Brewery, 1483 Duane St. Astoria, Oregon 97103 Map