Sweet Virginia Series: Matryoshka 2020

Matryoshka is a yearly barrel aged stout release at Fort George. This beer begins as a big Russian Imperial Stout (From Astoria With Love) and then spends a year in an assortment of barrels. This year, the base Matryoshka was aged in Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon barrels, stacking layers upon layers of elegant complexity. Matryoshka emerges with a graceful and delicate intensity, yet remains strong enough for the Siberian winters.

Matryoshka is the Russian name for those wooden nesting dolls. And like those dolls, this barrel aged series is released in increasingly smaller and more elaborate layers. Get the bourbon barrel Matryoshka 2020 now, and then look for the smaller batch variations at The Aftermath – the day after the Festival of Dark Arts.


WHERE: Fort George Brewery, 1483 Duane Street Astoria, OR 97103 Map