Wit & Wisdom: Identity, Authenticity & Race

Human beings find power in being masters of their own destinies. It is through this mastery, its self-possession & freedom, that we come to articulate and realize the fullness of our identity.  But how do we reconcile this with the institutions and forces that shape and dictate our destiny from outside ourselves? In particular, how does one harness and cultivate these capacities for self-realization & authenticity in a society that is imbued with biases and racism in its customs and institutions? And, even more, how is one to address these challenges when they fly in the face of that very society’s highest ideals and understanding of itself?

This Philosofarian conversation is presented in cooperation with the Astoria Film Festival.

Presented by Ron Craig & Seth Tichenor

The Thursday Talk program is a reoccurring community lecture series every Thursday, October through May. Thank you to our 2023 Partners –

  • 1st Thursdays – Ales & Ideas w/ Clatsop Community College
  • 2nd Thursdays – Wit & Wisdom w/ Philosofarian
  • 3rd Thursdays – Thursday Night Talk w/ Clatsop County Historical Society
  • 4th Thursdays – Nature Matters w/ Lewis & Clark National Parks, National Parks Service, and North Coast Watershed Association

WHERE: Lovell Showroom, 1483 Duane Street Astoria, OR 97103 Map