For additional information about general ticket & event policies, also check the Eventbrite ticket page at:

What time can I get my wristband and festival packet?

Check back for 2025 updates.

Please have your Eventbrite ticket barcode and valid ID handy.

What time does the festival actually open? When does it end?

The festival grounds will open at noon. Once you have your wristband, you may enter via the entrance tent or other entrance and exit points throughout the festival grounds. The festival ends at 6 pm sharp.

Where do I enter the festival?

Once you have scanned your ticket and have a wristband, you may enter via the entrance tent on the corner of 8th and Duane St. or one of the other marked entrance and exit points.

Can I purchase a second glass? What do I do if my glass breaks?

Extra tasting glasses are available for sale at the entrance tent. They are $10. You must have a hand stamp and a wristband to purchase a glass.

Can I purchase more drink tickets? How much are tickets?

Drink tickets are $3 and can be purchased at the entrance and merch tent.

Can I use cash and card at beer/food/merch stations?

Food vendors will take cash, but extra beer tickets and merch require a credit card.

Are bags allowed in the fest? What is not allowed in the fest?

Bags are subject to search. No outside alcohol, weapons, drugs or intoxicated persons will be allowed in the fest.

Can I bring my own chair?

Yes! Lawn chairs are welcome.

Can I bring my dog?

Service animals only, please.

Can I bring my child/baby/under 21 friend?

Yes! This year you can purchase non-drinking tickets for humans between 6 and 21 years of age. All kids over 6 must have a ticket and hand stamp to enter. Children under 6 are free! Under 21 guests may not check in early on Friday.

Can I bring my own water? Will you have water stations available?

We highly recommend you bring a water vessel. There will be several water stations around the block to keep you hydrated.

Can I leave the festival and get back in?

Once you have scanned your ticket and have a wristband, you may come and go from any entrance/exit at the festival, as often as you like. Please show your wristband to the security person as you enter, and please show your empty glass as you leave. No alcohol is allowed to leave the festival grounds.

Will you have non-beer beverages?

There will be limited non-beer beverages.

I bought a 3rd party ticket, do you need to match my ID to my ticket?

We do not match names on tickets to IDs. Tickets are completely transferrable. As long as the ticket will scan and you have a valid ID showing you are 21+, you may enter the festival. Please be careful with 3rd party purchases. Fort George & Eventbrite cannot guarantee their authenticity.

I can’t find my ticket? Where do I go to get a copy?

You should have received your purchased tickets via email from Eventbrite. Look for your confirmation along with the ticket .pdf in your email inbox or spam folder. You can either print the ticket or we can scan the barcode from your device at the ticket tent. If you still can’t find it, you may log into your Eventbrite account to get a copy. If you are still having issues, contact Eventbrite at 1-855-286-9808 or online at All tickets are handled through Eventbrite.