Light in the Attic: Side A

What happened to the Kölsch? We found its wallet, keys, guitar and a wreath of empty 10 oz glasses on the table with a coaster over the top. Was it intentional? Was it an abduction? Was Kölsch taken out by the mafia… er… popularity of the Lager? We might never know.

Kölsch Ale is brewed exclusively in  Cologne, Germany and has stringent standards. As you know, we’re not in Cologne. And we adhere to very few stringent standards, as a rule. But oh boy! Do we ever love a crisp, clear, gloriously clean ale with a little smidge of wine region terroir (thanks, Phantasm powder).

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Brewer's Notes

This release is a collaboration with Reuben’s Brews, Light in the Attic Records, and Cascade Record Pressing who produced a very limited run of 45 RPM vinyl records exclusively for this release.

Hops: Mittelfruh, Tettnanger, Mt. Hood
Malts: Weyermann Bohemian Pils, Rahr Pilz, Weyermann Carafoam, Weyermann Acidulated, Czech Saaz
Other: Phantasm
Yeast: Imperial Kaiser