Meet the 45 Series

The 45 Series is all about collaboration. Each release features Fort George and a different independent northwest record label and brewery. Cascade Record Pressing, the Northwest’s first large production automated record pressing plant, presses a limited run of 45 rpm vinyl records that accompany each beer release and features songs from different independent musicians.

Named after the collaborating record label and focusing on small-batch, 45bbl lagered beers, Fort George is collaborating with respected brewers who do the style to the max. Every record has two sides, and so does the beer. This allows the brewers to collaborate and experiment with ingredients and variations on one of the most fickle beer styles.

Original recordings of songs made for independent record labels that we admire, started in the absence of live music and social gathering, we strive to support independent musicians and artists any way we can. Through our partnerships with Cascade Record Press, we are able to put out very limited batches of 45 rpm vinyl records supporting musicians and artists in a time when they really need it.

Light in the Attic Records & Reuben’s Brews

The Light in the Attic Side A & B release is a collaboration with Reuben’s Brews, Light in the Attic Records, and Cascade Record Pressing who produced a very limited run of 45 RPM vinyl records exclusively for this release. Side A is a Kölsch while Side B is an Altbier.

SIDE A– Jim Sullivan”U.F.O”

Kölsch Ale is brewed exclusively in  Cologne, Germany and has stringent standards. As you know, we’re not in Cologne. But we did make a crisp, clear, gloriously clean ale with a little smidge of wine region terroir (thanks, Phantasm powder).

Jim Sullivan 




SIDE B – Jim Sullivan “Jerome”

If you’re looking for a pound of magic, look no further than the storied Altbier. Brewed cool with traditional ale yeast, an Altbier is defined by its subtle fruit flavor and malt sweetness. Crisp and refreshing enough to be easily mistaken for actual magic.

Jim Sullivan 




Jealous Butcher Records & Von Ebert Brewery 

Brewed as an honest homage to a mutual favorite style, the German Pilsner. A first for Fort George, a steam jacket was installed to allow for a step mash with two varieties of Weyermann Pilsner malt and assertively hopped in the kettle with Perle and Hallertauer Mittelfruh. It was then fermented with one of the world’s most popular Lager yeast strains originating from Germany.

Collaborating with Von Ebert Brewing was a blast. Sean Burke and Sam Pecorano are making some of our favorite beer and definitely have their righteous opinions when it comes to making Pilsner. We met early on to get this initial recipe dialed in and pick our hops. In the midst of a global crisis this beer’s future was in question. But a mutual love of  beer and music helped us push through, and we’re glad we did.

Jealous Butcher Records has been a Portland staple since the early 90’s. Jealous Butcher has put out some incredible albums by M. Ward and the Decembersists. They have also put out albums by Laura Gibson, 1939 Ensemble, Luke Ydstie, The Builders and the Butchers, Eyelids, Motrik, Hutch and Kathy, Fruit Bats, and Hook & Anchor, all of whom have performed on the Fort George stage.

SIDE A – Califone covering John Prine’s “Crazy as a Loon” 
This beer is full of floral, spicy noble hop character and a lingering lemon zest note, balanced with a rustic, grainy, bread dough malt character that fades into a crisp finish for a perfectly refreshing lager.




SIDE B –  The Hackles “Making Baby Keys” / Golden Promise “If She Were Gone” 
Taking from the same base on side A, the 90 bbl batch was split into two 45 barrel tanks. On the B Side, this half was dry hopped with Simcoe and Citra. Just enough hops were added to boost the fruit flavor but still let the character of the german pilsner shine through. The result is an initial nose and flavor of citrus zest and ripe melon, leading into classic pils flavors like noble hop, floral spice, rich grainy bread character, and a clean, dry finish.

The Hackles

Golden Promise