Floating Glass Balls and Bulldog Rhythm Review Reunion play live while we have a BBQ at the Fort George Sat. 14th

Floating Glass Balls
Saturday, August 14th
just after the Regatta parade

Bulldog Rhythm Review Reunion

Join the Fort George Brewery and Public House on Saturday, August 14th for Regatta Weekend. Following the parade down town will be live music from the Floating Glass Balls, local beachgrass, at 12:30pm. There will be a barbeque and seating on the Fort’s new patio. The party will continue all day long with more music by Bulldog Rhythm Review who are having a Reunion show starting at 8pm. In the late 90’s Bulldog Rhythm Review cut a wide swath from Rockaway to Alaska packing the largest dance halls with patrons hungry for a thick rocking soulful sound in five part harmony. Members of this legendary band include Claxton ‘Kingsize” Taylor on guitar, lead and backing vocals and founder of BRR. Clax brought his particular brand of goodtime jazzy soul to the area in the mid 1970’s with a sizable collection of Ray Charles and Howard Tate recordings. He put a fantastic band together in those heady time called “Rhythm Sponge” Claxton has played with far too many bands to list here but suffice it to say whatever genre, whatever tune he’s bound to make it swing with his deep soul groove and he is the soul of the Bulldog Rhythm Review. Denise Drake is on lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine and shakers.
Denise came to the attention of Bassist Dave Quinton after moving to the area from Alaska. It took about two minutes to see how much she could add to sound and the show. The lovely Ms Drake sings effortlessly with amazing range and could not hit a sour note if her life depended on it. The dimension she brought ushered the band into it’s golden age. Dave Qinton plays bass, acoustic guitar, and is also on lead and backing vocals. Dave is mister smooth. Don’t be deceived by his boyish looks. He’s been playing all kinds of music professionally forever from bluegrass to the symphony he has an easy laid-back style and a natural inclination to keep things together. When Dave croons one of his signature selections once or twice a set it makes for a cool sip of respite from the hot sauce. Peter Unander rocks the keyboards and sings backing vocal. Peter is a natural musician and loves to play. He’s played piano for Shanghaied In Astoria, the Pagan Pancakes and dozens of other great bands. His association with Claxton Taylor goes back decades and provides a depth and dynamic of vital importance. Wes Warmond is on the guitar, a fine player from the Cannon Beach area. He really knows how to fit in and it’s always a treat to have him play with the band. Rounding out the troupe is J. Pierce Christie master of trap set and on vocals. Pierce has a nice little vintage 1965 Ludwig Ringo drum set with the blue oyster finish. His cymbals are a delightful mix of period Avidis and Turkish K Zildijian. Pierce has played extensively around the area since the early 70’s and played with BRR since it’s inception in the early 90’s. When Pierce moved out of the area in 2000 BRR went on hiatus. So did his drums. Since moving back Pierce has dusted off his drums and his chops and is ready to go.


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