Mosley Wotta & DJ Mud

Sunday, June 28th
8pm No Cover
Fort George Brewery
1483 Duane St-Astoria

Equal parts poet, performance artist and musician, Mosley Wotta has a nasty habit of turning hip-hop conventions on their head. The towering lyricist from the mountain town of Bend, Oregon rattles off cerebral, often brain-wrangling rhymes over beats that are hardly your typical rap music fare. Teaming up with DJ Mud, Mosley Wotta has cultivated a sound that bridges the gap between hip-hop and rock and spans several other spaces between genres – and all of it will have you moving your hips.

Coming to hip-hop through the avenue of slam poetry, Mosely Wotta incorporates challenging lyrics that are as much poetry as they are an element of a hip-hop music. Also a visual artist in several mediums including painting, Mosely Wotta incorporates his artistic sense into his music, oftentimes using his quick-tongued rhymes to paint an entire story to his listener. In a word, Wotta is an artist at heart, and that’s not something that’s likely to change, even as his sound makes its way out of the Oregon mountains and across the country.

On stage, the duo creates an ocean of sound that makes them sound more like a massive rap group that then mere two men they are, forcing even the most shoe-gazing of crowds to take notice. The dynamic Mosley commands a crowd to move when he’s on the mic, and oftentimes they do, engaging with the often-smiling hip-hop artist.


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