The Matryoshka Series


The Matryoshka series first debuted in 2017. A barrel aged version of our bold and rich imperial stout, From Astoria With Love. Since then, Matryoshka has evolved into one of the most sought-after barrel-aged beer series in the PNW.

From Astoria With Love was meticulously brewed to drink right away, like all our beers. The barrel-aged From Astoria With Love was intended to be the same – a barrel aged version of its predecessor. After months of aging, our brewers saw an opportunity to take the final stout one step further: the beer was tasting so good, progressing so well, they wanted to continue aging it. They would add a few different adjuncts to create a handful of variants. Like it’s namesake Matryoshka doll, Matryoshka stacks layers upon layers of depth and flavor into multiple variants of the same base stout to be released in February at the Aftermath (the day after Festival of Dark Arts) each year. 


Matryoshka 2024 was aged for 12-months in Westland and Westward Whiskey Barrels. The powerful flavor of the barrel tempers the dessert-like sweetness of the base beer to produce a rich, smooth, flavorful stout that is neither too thick nor too thin. Matryoshka is perfectly, lovingly crafted to fulfill the finest of stout dreams. Smaller and smaller variations will continue to emerge from the mother batch, conditioned on complementary ingredients, creating a family of variants to be released at the Aftermath during Stout Month 2024. Stay tuned!


To be announced…


Matryoshka 2023 was aged in Westland Distillery Bourbon (Seattle, WA) and Westward Whiskey (Portland, OR) Barrels.


w/ Mexican Vanilla Bean 
w/ Coconut 
w/ Mexican Vanilla Bean & Coconut 
w/ Mexican Vanilla Bean, Coconut & Lime Leaf


Matryoshka 2022 was aged in Westward Whiskey (Portland, OR) and IJW Whiskey Company (Boyle County, Kentucky) Barrels.


w/ Vanilla & Cinnamon
w/ Vanilla & Ginger
w/ Vanilla & Cardamom
w/ Vanilla, Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon & Coffee


Matryoshka 2021 was aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon (Franklin Co., Kentucky) and Westward Whiskey (Portland, OR) Barrels.


w/ Vanilla
w/ Vanilla & Cocoa Nibs
w/ Vanilla, Cocoa Nibs & Cinnamon
w/ Vanilla, Cocoa Nibs, Cinnamon & Raspberries


Matryoshka 2020 was aged in a mixture of Maple Bourbon, Westward Whiskey (Portland, OR), and Woodinville Rye (Quincy, WA) Barrels.


Maple Bourbon Barrel-Aged w/ Maple
Maple Bourbon Barrel-Aged w/ Maple & Coffee Beans
Westward Whiskey Barrel-Aged w/ Vanilla
Westward Whiskey Barrel-Aged w/ Vanilla & Hazelnut
Westward Whiskey Barrel-Aged w/ Vanilla, Hazelnut, & Blackberries
Woodinville Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged w/ Cocoa Nibs


Matryoshka 2019 was aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels.

w/ Coconut & Vanilla
w/ Coconut, Vanilla, & Almond
w/ Coconut, Vanilla, Almond, & Blueberries


Matryoshka 2018 was aged in a mix of Four Roses (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky) Bourbon and Pinot Noir Barrels.


Bourbon Barrel-Aged w/ Vanilla
Bourbon Barrel-Aged w/ Vanilla Bean & Marionberries
Bourbon & Pinot Noir Barrel Aged
Bourbon & Pinot Noir Barrel-Aged w/ Cocoa Nibs


Matryoshka 2017 was aged in Four Roses (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky) Bourbon Barrels.


w/ Cocoa Nibs
w/ Cocoa Nibs & Raspberries