The third and final iteration of Fort George’s biggest Summer Seasonal, 3-Way IPA, releases on Friday, July 1st at the Beer Pier on the scenic Astoria Waterfront, just east of the Megler Bridge.

For 11 years, Fort George and two of our closest friends have marked the beginning of summer with a 3-Way IPA: a collaboration between the Fort and two breweries we love and respect. This year we traveled further than ever before to work with two of the craft industries leading beer innovators – two breweries who would recognize an IPA even if it were cleverly disguised.

Cellarmaker Brewing is well-known in the Bay Area for their constantly-rotating lineup of soft and feathery pale ales, small batch experiments, and rich, ripe, juicy IPAs. In the past decade, Cellarmaker has made so many unique and delicious IPAs that if you stacked them on top of each other and the stack fell over, it would reach Fort George in Astoria, Oregon.


Some breweries are committed to heavy, boozy dark beers and some breweries can make a groundbreaking Hazy IPA out of a toothpick and a box of matches. Anchorage Brewing does both. Are they the best brewery in the state of Alaska? Maybe. We’re not sure. Actually, there’s a lot going on in Alaska. But we are sure that Anchorage knows what they’re doing.

The THIRD release of 3-Way IPA 2023 is a HAZY IPA brewed with Hazy Chico yeast. The brewers at Fort George, Cellarmaker and Anchorage spent months sifting through their extensive IPA style archives to formulate the perfect IPA recipe and at last came to the conclusion that the only way to have a 3-Way IPA is to have a 3-Way IPA three ways: Hazy London Tropics (Green), West Coast Style (Purple), and Hazy Chico (Blue).

Three 3-Way IPAs. Three collaborators, three koi fish, three different recipes, three different yeasts, three cities, three states, three months of summer, three can colors, and about three dozen rounds of taste trials and beta batches to get this beer just right. 3-Way IPA Hazy Chico (Blue) is the final 3-Way of the summer. Positively full of flavorful New Zealand Cascade Hops and experimental hop HBC 586 from Yakima Valley, 3-Way Hazy Chico is the culmination of decades spent tasting and analyzing all the IPAs.

You haven’t tried this year’s 3-Way if you haven’t tried all three 3-Way IPAs – like probably at least three times each. 

3-Way IPA Hazy Chico (Blue) releases at the Beer Pier and Pubs July 1st. Available all over the Pacific Northwest, all summer long.

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